What have I been up to?!

It’s been ages — heavens, almost a year! — since my last post. Either you think ClearlyHomemade has disappeared into oblivion, or you’re wondering what I’ve been up to.

Rest assured, reader, I have not been idle. True, I haven’t been doing as many cards as before. I’ve actually been drawing lots of scenes or fun stuff that I make up. (I’ve also been reading and walking a lot. And making more brownies than would be advisable).

Here is a glimpse of some of the things I’ve drawn these past months.

Floating away

This card is super for an 8th birthday (or any other occasion which might involve the number 8 — an eigth grandchild, 8 years of marriage, someone who came in 8th in a race…). It is available for any number, or with just a simple balloon.

Cette carte est géniale pour un 8eme anniversaire (ou n’importe quelle autre occasion qui pourrait impliquer le nombre 8). Elle est disponible pour n’importe quel chiffre, ou bien juste avec un simple ballon.

Christmas Cards

“Sleighbells ring, Are you listenin’, In the lane, Snow is glistening…” As Bing Crosby’s voice wafts from the speakers, you gaze travels from the brightly lit Christmas tree, to the pile of Christmas cards lying on the table. This year, you know everyone will love ’em! (PS : for the full musical experience, click here )

“Sleighbells ring, Are you listenin’, In the lane, Snow is glistening…” Alors que la voix de Bing Crosby se dégage des baffles, votre regard s’arrête sur l’arbe de Noël, tout illuminé, et ensuite sur la pile de cartes de voeux, posée sur la table. Cette année, vous savez que tous adoreront vos cartes!

Photographic Cards

If photographic cards are more your thing, Clearly Homemade has them too!  These can be used as sympathy cards, birthday cards, get-well-soon cards, you name it!

Si vous préférez les cartes “photographiques”, Clearly Homemade a ça aussi! Elles peuvent être utilisées pour souhaiter une guérison rapide, pour exprimer ses condoléances, ou tout simplement pour souhaiter joyeux anniversaire!